Monday, April 30, 2007

You Can't Fix Government By Making It Bigger

Interesting thoughts. We definitely need less government and Ron Paul is a logical step in that direction.

Monday, April 30, 2007
We hope this is a message you'll want to share with friends. Maybe we can start a very important, national conversation . . .
Search the web and you will easily find much discussion of why the federal government should be downsized. Do another search for material on how to make that downsizing actually happen and you won't find much.
Isn't there something wrong with this picture?
What's the point of focusing only on what should be done and spending almost no time on figuring out how to actually do it?
Things are different here at Downsize DC. If you could listen to our internal discussions you would find a constant focus on how to accomplish the goal.
What would it take to Downsize DC? We think about this question constantly. And we'd like to encourage you to do the same.
For us, the answer comes down to two, interrelated factors: visibility and size.
For an idea to triumph it must first be seen and heard as often as its competitors. How can such visibility be achieved? It must be purchased by those who support the idea.
Your idea must have as many supporters as its competitors.
It really is that simple. No matter what other mechanisms you prefer for bringing about the desired change you will still need massive visibility and a huge army.
Do you want to elect a bunch of candidates? Then you'll need the same visibility as your competitors, and as many supporters too.
Do you want to badger Congress into submission, as we prefer, then you'll need the same things.
If YOU want to Downsize DC then this is what YOU will need: universal visibility and a huge army.
So what's YOUR goal? What are YOUR numbers? How large of an army do YOU think YOU'LL need, and how much money will YOU need to achieve the visibility YOU require?
You see, this isn't just about us, it's also about YOU.
Shouldn't YOU have PERSONAL goals for both of these areas, visibility and an army, and shouldn't YOU be working constantly toward achieving those goals?
We have our own goals for both of these areas, and we think its important to YOU, PERSONALLY, to have such specific goals too.
You don't need to tell us what your numbers are, and we're not going to share ours either. It's all guesswork anyway at this point. But having such numbers, such PERSONAL goals, serves to focus the mind and keep things moving in the right direction.
The fact that so little is said about this subject by those who desire to downsize the federal government is, in our opinion, the major reason why things are NOT moving in the right direction.
You have a better chance of hitting a target if you aim at it. We have a target: universal visibility and a huge army. What's YOUR target?
We also think we have a HUGE advantage when it comes to hitting our target. We don't . . .
* Have to convince our huge army to agree on a political party,
* Or a particular set of candidates,
* Or, even more challenging; elect a majority of such candidates to office,
* And then, after all that, convince our preferred candidates to do what we elected them to do.
Instead, we just skip to that last step -- getting elected people to do the right thing. We think this approach is the easiest way to recruit the army. With the army we can obtain the visibility and get the right results in Congress, regardless of parties or personalities.

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