Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Food For Thought

I don't agree with everything I post, but this article poses a few thoughts that need attention. Considering that there were no differences in the Kerry/Bush election for Prez, I believe elections are rigged contests of little choice. I still vote, but I vote Libertarian whenever possible.
Incredibly Stupid Statement of the Day
Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Wow. Just ... wow.
Voting is the ultimate exercise of personal freedom.
WTF? When you vote, it's usually over one of three things:
- Who is going to govern you (and everyone else). Now, perhaps you think that you (and/or others) need to be governed ... but even stipulating, for the sake of argument, to that proposition, necessity doesn't magically turn an exercise in submission into an exercise of personal freedom.

- What rules you (and everyone else) are going to be bound by. Once again, it's possible that you think there should be limits to freedom, and that the best way to decide what those limits are is a referendum ... but once again, we're talking about an exercise in reciprocal restraint, not an exercise of personal freedom.

- Who's going to pay for all this governing nonsense and how (i.e. taxes, bond issues and such). I suppose that voting "yes" on a measure to repeal a tax or "no" on a new tax or a tax increase might resemble an exercise in personal freedom (setting aside the question of whether or not the voting implies consent to the tax if the election doesn't go your way, and what that says about your mindset) ... but it really seems a lot more like a mass dine-and-dash episode in which everyone tries to stick everyone else with the check.
"Ultimate exercise in personal freedom?"
Making love with someone similarly inclined would certainly make my short list.
Taking my money to any store I choose and buying whatever I want there would too.
Voting? Um, no. Hell no, not even if I get to dip my finger in purple ink and ululate for the camera afterward.

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