Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hey, Just Where Did Them Dubloons Come From, Buddy?

“Regarding the story about the Spanish waiting to seize the Odyssey,”

“I was reading a paper my daughter recently wrote in college about the Spanish royalty, conquistadors and the genocide they should be charged with. It seems to me that even if the Spanish claim that the galleon Odyssey recovered was one of their own, we should be asking where the Spanish stole the gold and silver from and how many thousands of indigenous peoples were slaughtered for it. Maybe some war crimes or crimes against humanity ought to be explored. What gall!”
Spanish conquistadors were known to have searched the Orinoco Belt for gold. Maybe Chavez will lay claim to the coins, too. What a show that would be, eh? Chavez versus Odyssey Marine versus the Spanish government, litigated in Florida courts. Fantastic.

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