Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Canada Has Something To Say About Ron Paul

A Hockey Player’s Rant – Ron Paul's View Up Here

Wednesday, December 12, 2007 - FreeMarketNews.com
We Canadians are generally pretty passive, OK… with the exception of hockey. But I’m really ticked this time! Does the US political class think the voting public is stupid? One way Webster’s defines the word ‘Stupid’ is: “Dazed and unable to think clearly”. I’ve spent a few hours in the penalty box with that condition. But I think I was in pretty good shape compared to a lot of my teammates South of the border. The politicos and mainstream media are doing their best to keep the voting public in the dark on real issues and blind to any alternatives to business as usual. The strategy is the antithesis to “Shock and Awe” - it’s more like “Mock and Yawn”. Ignore them (whoever they are) and they’ll go away. Case in point: Ron Paul. Celebrity distractions fill the headlines. Britney Spears and Michael Vick on page one, Obama on Oprahpalooza and Congressman Ron Paul jammed somewhere on page 61, between the Notice of Foreclosures and Obituaries… if he’s lucky.Dirty tactics, like the exclusion of Dr. Paul in almost every major poll (27 and counting, including that of his own Lone Star State), is one of the seminal issues of the election. Why? Because it shows in vivid color a total disregard for a true democratic process. It mocks the foundations of your Founding Fathers and thumbs the principles of honor and fair play. I must be dazed myself using words like ‘fair play’ in the context of the political game. But it’s not enough to complain. Americans have got to do something about this anti-liberty trend, and one big thing that they can do is get behind their limited government conservative candidate for the presidency, Ron Paul (R-Tex).I guess I’m trying to say that the whole build up to the 2008 Election tramples the Constitution, so it should come as no surprise that Ron Paul, a true Constitutionalist, is also fodder for the bottom of America’s muddy boots. And that’s patently disheartening for us Northern fans that have no say, and can only hope for a candidate with such a sound and consistent platform as Paul (it’s on my Christmas Wish List).I only wish I could see more support lining up for him than I do. While I think there is a good deal of individual support, the mainstream media – and the political class as well - has done its best not to cover the man. The usual suspects are employed - ignore, deflect and discredit. They can’t get him on the latter, but they don’t need to, as strategy #1 is working just fine.FMNN readers are no strangers to exposing this sort of manipulation, so I urge you to take action and lobby (I hate that word!) for a reformed process that allows clear-headed folks like “Ron Who?” to emerge from the fog with an equal voice and a lucid message that might just save your country. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re "stupid" or "incapable." That’s called bullying in my neck of the woods, and prompts even the wimpiest Canuck to "drop the gloves." So don’t take it. Make some noise. Fight back, not just on the Net, but also at the grass roots level, and at the polls. You’re near the end of the third period. So put on your game face. Don’t let Ron Paul and his message of restraint and truly accountable government go quietly into the dressing room, or you may just wake up to find the America you know and love is changing drastically - and not for the better. That would be a shame. I’d kinda’ like you guys to stay around for a while. Good neighbors are hard to come by these days. -Mitch Curby

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