Monday, May 19, 2008

A Letter From A Reader Concerning Ridiculous Public Sector Payscales

“It is true that once upon a time, public’ employees were paid less than private industry equivalents. That condition became a mere myth a long, long time ago. My wife recently retired from law enforcement after 33 years of ‘public’ employment. Her pay as a police sergeant far exceeded $100,000 per year. She now receives ‘only’ 90% of her former pay as her retirement pension, plus COLA, of course. Had she continued to work for another two years, she would now be receiving 100% of her final pay scale, instead of the paltry 90%.
“She faced much danger during her career, and I don't minimize that risk. But to imply that she was poorly compensated in exchange for job security and pension is absolutely insane. The pathetic aspect is that she still doesn't appreciate what a fantastic deal she has. She's never had to meet a payroll. She never had to risk her job estimating what products or services she should offer. Her retirement was completely taken care of for her. All she had to do was report for work. She put a lot of bad guys in jail, but to imply that she was marginally compensated is ludicrous.”

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