Friday, October 31, 2008

More American Assets Up For Sale

Meanwhile, the U.S. government is beginning to advertise for new bailout money: “We are making it clear to sovereign wealth funds,” Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Robert Kimmitt said yesterday, while seeking help in the Persian Gulf, “that we are open to investments that are done on a commercial, not political, basis, and that do not raise security concerns.”
Kimmitt hinted he may have found some takers already: "We think that they are continuing to look very closely at opportunities in the United States. We have a number of cases before the Committee on Foreign Investment right now… Every investor that I've spoken with here and elsewhere had been in the United States within the past month, looking for opportunities.”
Who would have thought even three months ago -- besides your cranky editors of The 5, I mean -- that Wall Street would be holding a global garage sale this fall?

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