Friday, February 20, 2009

A Letter To SOC

“Dear Sirs or Madams,
“May God damn your stinking capitalistic, avaristic [sic] souls to hell. Unfortunately I do not believe in God’s judgment, for if I did I would be sure that you would roast in hell forevermore. But it is nice, at least, to know that your rotten lives are limited, and despite all the evil you do, you will die like everyone else. Too bad your deaths will not be any worse than that of the nice people!”
“A flaming Liberal”

A flaming liberal indeed…
I suspect that the lake of fire will be filled to the brim with liberals, all of whom will certainly be flaming at the time. After all, what is more deserving of hell than pride? Last I checked slavery and murder were both good reasons for a few eons in the oven, too.
And what’s more liberal than telling people what to do with themselves and their labor and its fruits while holding the government’s gun to their heads?

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