Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Letter From The SOUND OF CANNONS Editor.

A non-political post from your dead-tired editor. Yeah, SOC has been sputtering as of late. Family and work obligations have peaked and I'm sadly "down-for-the-count" most days and nights. Raising a family in these trying times while maintaining a "please let me keep my job" presence at work can be exhausting. And my kids! Whoa................too much to think of there! My daughter is simply growing up too fast and I really hate missing any free time I can spend with her. My son is growing up in his toddler stage and will most certainly beat up your kids on the school bus one day. The wife is maintaining her job at a high degree of importance. If I get canned from my job, she'll be supporting the whole family.............thoughts like that don't make for sound sleep at night. But you have to think like that and be wary to a certain point. And thinking like that can add to exhaustion and help your blog sputter and slow-down.

I recharged September 27th in Boston by going to see PORCUPINE TREE in concert. What a show! I've been following them since their "Stupid Dream" album and have seen them change and grow musically since the early 2000's. Steve Wilson is a musical genius and way too smart to be pigeon-holed by mass appeal. The "TREE" are mostly progressive, melancholy rock that defy genre; and their stage shows are multi-media events that I daresay no one else is coming close to. Live music always lifts me up, and this was no exception. It'd been awhile since I've been to a concert so this one was extra special.

That all being said......I'll try and keep the fires burning as we're under assault for our very lifestyles. An assault on which I don't think we'll pull through. But we'll document a good part of the folly and maybe future generations will look back and learn something from us.

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