Saturday, November 27, 2010

Back From Thanksgiving Recess!

Hey! we take some well deserved time off and looky-looky what is happening! A dope of a foreign college student gets set up by the gov't as a patsy for a "terrorist threat." (I'm sure the people of Portland are sleeping much easier tonight) North Korea starts it's usual feet stomping and lobs some shells at a South Korean island that's been in dispute since 1953. The USS George Washington is sailing in to establish American superiority for Kim Jong-Buttmunch to see. And the TSA continued it's middle-fingering of the 4th Amendment over the Thanksgiving Holiday much to the grinning-like-an-idiot delight of the MSM. And barry got a soft interview to claim he's doing just fantastic and really, really proud of his policies so far. Hmmmmmph! Pretty busy week-plus for what is usually just parades and re-runs!

And we thought it'd be a quiet break over the turkey holiday. Yeah, right.............

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