Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sorry, we Can't Help But Weigh In On The Keith Olbermann Saga.......

Olbermann is just one straw in a haystack of liberal voices in the media. Fellow liberal, David Gregory lamented on his Sunday morning show today, about how it takes bipartisan support for any meaningful reforms to entitlement spending. He is blind to the role the progressives like him, allied with the Democrats in D.C.who are gleeful in their attacks on Republicans when ever they propose any meaningful changes, play in this gridlock. When Republicans proposed slowing the rate of growth, the libs screamed about wanting to starve the elderly and throw children out in the street. Remember, "They want to PRIVATIZE social security"?

Olbermann was only one (particularly nasty) liberal voice. There are many others who will demonize anyone they disagree with no matter what they try to do. It is part of their game. The media has a desire for power. They have chosen sides and now the American people are paying the price of having a biased, agenda driven press. Olbermann may be out of a job but the MSM won't miss a beat.

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