Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yeah, The Government wants The Internet Too

Sure enough, French President Nicolas Sarkozy is demanding more regulation of the Internet.
Somehow, the Gaul managed to corral executives from Google and other Internet giants at a conference in France, where he delivered a stern lecture: “We won't take steps that would damage growth in your industry. But you can't escape a minimum set of rules.”

“If you want the Internet to look like the housing market,” Patrick says, citing an example of decades-long government intervention, “give government more control over the Web. There's a lesson comparing the uncontrolled and successful Internet and overcontrolled and disastrous house and mortgage industries.

“Judging from current opinion polls about government, a lot more of us commoners seem to have developed a bit of skepticism about the politician's ability to improve on markets. Nevertheless, most people continue to underestimate the rate of innovation taking place in numerous emerging technologies.”

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