Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Bowl Full Of "Nicely Saids"

All censorships exist to prevent anyone from challenging current conceptions
and existing institutions. All progress is initiated by challenging current
conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently,
the first condition of progress is the removal of censorships.
– George Bernard Shaw
(1856-1950) Irish comic dramatist
Source: The Author’s Apology, 1902
Do we really want to live in a world of police checkpoints, surveillance cameras, and metal detectors?  Do we want to imprison every disturbed or alienated individual who fantasizes about violence?  Do we really believe government can provide total security?  Or can we accept that liberty is more important than the illusion of state-provided security? Freedom is not defined by safety.  Freedom is defined by the ability of citizens to live without government interference unless they use force or fraud against others.  Government cannot create a world without risks, nor would we really wish to live in such a fictional place.  Only a totalitarian society would even claim absolute safety as a worthy ideal, because it would require total state control over its citizens’ lives.– Dr. Ron Paul ( )
I never liked the atmosphere of Washington. I early saw that it was impossible to build up a race of which the leaders were spending most of their time, thought and energy in trying to get into office, or in trying to stay there after they were in.”– Booker T. Washington.


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