Monday, July 2, 2012

John Roberts' cocktail party

If we sometimes forget that under those black minister robes lie corrupt and corruptible men and women of flesh and blood, then Thursday’s ruling by SCOTUS should have been a sobering wake-up call for all Americans who love and revere the U.S. Constitution. Rush Limbaugh, citing a Politico editorial two days before called “Justice Roberts big moment,” pulled back the veil to reveal the real intent of what was at stake: Will Justice Roberts’ name live on for the ages as a darling of the progressive/liberal establishment and will he be invited to all the “right” D.C. cocktail parties, or will he (like Justices Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia) be treated as a leper in Washington, D.C., and ridiculed on the pages of the Washington Post, L.A. Times, New York Times and on all the liberal news networks – MSNBC, CBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, et al.?
On Tuesday’s radio show, Rush, extrapolating from the Politico story, warned Roberts: “You can be lionized and be the biggest hero in this town, or we can make your life miserable. It’s up to you. Now, those are my words, but that’s the point of the Politico story: You can be the biggest, most prominent, most loved and revered chief justice in the history of chief justices, or you can be dirt. It’s up to you, Judge. He’s supposed to swing Obamacare.
It is obvious Chief Justice Roberts took the traitors path. Roberts’ unholy alliance with the liberals on the court upholding the individual mandate of Obamacare was a Faustian bargain he made with the devil to establish and preserve his judicial legacy over the next three decades he will probably serve on the bench. Truly, Thursday’s decree marked a dark day for both the original intent of framers of the Constitution as well as legitimate jurisprudence that venerates the rule of law.
When the Supreme Court released its long-awaited decision on the constitutionality of the Obamacare individual mandate an MSNBC anchor made this prescient statement: “Justice John Roberts is now the most historic figure in Washington, D.C.” I am convinced that was Roberts’ primary intent – to be loved and toasted by the socialist D.C. establishment. This shocking 5-4 majority decision written by the chief justice, along with the socialist wing of the court – Ginsburg, Sotomayor, Kagan and Breyer – outraged millions of Americans. The GOP has vowed to use this ruling as a rallying cry to repeal Obamacare as the first act under a President Romney administration in January 2013.
The entire Obamacare legislation was passed under the most fraudulent means and ends because it was characterized as an exercise of congressional Commerce Clause power, but Roberts, in dicta and contrary to the majority opinion exposed the Obamacare individual mandate for what it is – a $2 trillion tax increase over 10 years that has infused naked socialism into our free-market health-care system. In other words, Obamacare will by 2014 force all 50 states into a suicide pact of economic bankruptcy with itself, or the states will repent and bow to the will of the omnipotent Leviathan federal government, which will then eviscerate the private health insurance industry, create death panels, not give grandma her hip replacement and put government bureaucrats in control of all life-and-death decisions for over 320 million Americans.
America! Obamacare is tyranny writ large.
If Nietzsche proclaimed that “God is dead” to usher in the 20th century, then surely the Roberts Court in this outrageously unconstitutional decision has deemed that “States rights are dead” at the dawn of 21st century. No wonder Justice Scalia was spitting mad when he delivered his acerbic but constitutional dissent from the bench on Monday regarding Arizona’s constitutional right to protect its people by using its police powers to aggressively defend its borders, even if the federal government refuses to lift a finger of help on behalf of the courageous Gov. Jan Brewer and the beleaguered citizens of Arizona under siege by the fascist tactics of the Obama administration – particularly Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Attorney General Eric Holder.
Who got to Chief Justice Roberts? Who made him betray the Constitution for political expediency to save the failed policies of the Obama administration for a second term?
Rush Limbaugh cited an interesting theory from the popular Volokh Conspiracy that further explored Roberts’ treachery:
RUSH: There’s a blogger [The Volokh Conspiracy] who is talking about the pressures that were put on John Roberts to change his vote. They’re analyzing this, and through much of the dissent, they’ve got Scalia referring to “the dissent,” and there were notes that Ginsburg was writing the dissent. I remember reading earlier in the week that Justice Ginsburg was writing the dissent. The clear impression from court watchers was that the mandate was struck down.
Why does Scalia’s dissent against Obamacare read like it was originally written as a majority opinion? In particular, he consistently refers to Justice Ginsburg’s opinion as “the Dissent.” Roberts wearied of being treated like a “conservative justice,” an eternal leper. He wants to be invited to all the right D.C. cocktail parties and toasted as a jurist of the highest integrity, jurisprudence and judicial restraint by the liberal/progressive establishment.
To facilitate this treachery, Roberts made a cold, calculated Faustian bargain with the four liberals on the court at the 11th hour to sell out his conservative principles after first signaling he would overrule Obamacare. Thus Roberts become a traitor to the original intent of the constitutional framers just like his namesake Justice Owen Roberts did 75 years ago in the infamous NLRB v. Laughlin Steel Corp. (1937). Justice Owen Roberts, after almost five years of consistently voting against FDR’s socialist New Deal programs as unconstitutional, cowardly caved in to FDR’s attempt to “pack the court” with six socialist jurists of his choosing (aka “A switch in time saves nine”), and in 1937 this traitorous coward started voting with the liberals on the court.
Since that day the Supreme Court has irredeemably been perverted as demonstrated by Chief Justice John Roberts’ naked judicial activism that upheld socialist health care as constitutional.

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