Thursday, August 2, 2012

Who Pays Taxes? Is It Fair?

Not only do the so-called “rich” (I am sadly not among them, not even close) appear to pay their fair share, they pay quite a bit more. In fact there are so many people who pay so little in taxes (or actually get money back via the EITC) that they have no skin in the game. They are free to vote for an ever-larger government with negligible downside.

Don’t believe the lie that the rich don’t pay enough in taxes. (pics via WSJ)

According to the article these CBO numbers include both income taxes and payroll taxes.
[ I'm giving the writer the benefit of the doubt here and assuming that these CBO numbers are legit. ]
Not only do the rich pay more than their “fair” share, they pay a larger percentage than they did in recent decades.

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