Monday, February 25, 2008

Food Sure Is Gett'in Mightee Expensive!

Meanwhile, the World Food Program, the United Nation’s agency that aims to alleviate world hunger, will most likely halt aid to several locales because of rising food prices.
“Our ability to reach people is going down just as the needs go up,” said WFP exec Josette Sheeran. She told the FT over the weekend that the WFP’s budget was rising by millions each week, thanks entirely to rising food costs.
“We are seeing a new face of hunger in which people are being priced out of the food market... Situations that were previously not urgent -- they are now,” she continued, specifically citing Indonesia, Yemen and Mexico. Barring a sudden wave of short-term donations, the WFP will be forced to consider “cutting the food rations or even the number or people reached.”

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