Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wise And Worrisome Words

“I felt a never-before numbing chill, when I read about the Chinese establishing manufacturing plants in the U.S. by buying up land and buildings and hiring local workers. The word that leaped to mind wasn't “slavery.” It was “serfdom.”
“We are becoming a nation of serfs beholden to foreign powers in the Mideast and Far East. The America I knew when growing up is changing forever as the dissembling Chinese take all those dollars they've accumulated by unfair trade policies, i.e., yuan valuation, and use them to dump junk in our country, build up their military and buy our country out from under us in a pincer movement.
“Next in line to buy up America are the Islamic oil sultans. Add to this unholy mix NAFTA and the Mexico-U.S.-Canada superhighway and you no longer have a country. Nationalism is being replaced by mercantilism, and those dumb *&$#tards in Washington and the greedy bankers in New York who have given us a worthless dollar and our subprime moment in history have brought it about.
“Can the amero currency be far behind? Or a one-world government to manage the global economy? I fear for our future. This is not what our forefathers fought the British for back in the 1700s, or our grandfathers fought for in the 1940s to stop the Germany-Japan axis. Where are today's Samuel Adams, George Washington and Dwight Eisenhower? Doesn't anybody see what's happening to us? Doesn't anyone care enough to pull us back from the abyss?”

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