Tuesday, June 24, 2008

California H2O Troubles

“In California, an acre-foot of water now sells for $1,000 on the open market,” reports our Sound Of Cannons West Coast reporters with another California crisis. The West Coast state is currently plagued by the worst drought since 1992, and already, rising water rights costs have skyrocketed. The $1,000 price tag will grant you around 326,000 gallons of water… likely the most expensive H2O in U.S. history. Such a volume of water, by the way, would satiate an average family for only one year.
“Perilously low water reserves have forced Schwarzenegger to declare nine counties disaster areas. Fresno County, caught smack-bang in the middle of the crisis, is the largest agricultural county in the U.S. and serves up around $4.8 billion in crops to American plates every year.”

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