Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sorry Folks {SOC Original!} Financial Collapse Edition (9/17/08)

I need to apologize to my regular readers about my lack of postings lately. I've been dealing with this earth-shaking financial collapse by devoting time and eenergy to my own finances.
This may be it folks. I hear the snorting of War Horses and the 4 Riders may be saddling up.
1. Stock up on some canned goods and fill your freezer with quality foodstuffs. I'm being serious here. You'll kick yourself if there's a temporary supply hiccup that causes runs at the grocery stores. Don't deplete your savings in doing so, just enough to last 3-to-4 weeks if there is a temporary break in supplies.
2. Pay your bills. Desperate companies may look to repossessions to even their balance sheets. Pay your bills on tiome and eliminate debts whenever possible.
3. It goes without saying, don't acquire any new items that need financing or regular payments. It's not worth it in these uncertain times. Deal with the old car, old TV or home electronics. Don't make any new credit purchases.
4. Take a few steps down. Get your cel-phone bill lower, you don't need that many minutes anyways. Put the teens on limits with their minutes. Consider going to the next lower tier for your cable TV. Cut back on magazine subscriptions, read'em at the library.
5. Utilize free services like the town library and playgrounds for the kids.
6. Start making plans for next spring's garden; whether you like gardening or not. It'll be a necessity and it will take a dent out of your escalating grocery bills. Some type of fruit tree will grow wherever you live. Look into it.
7. If available (brace yourself) look into a part-time job to add supplementation to your salary. Use it to offset gas and grocery bills. Even better, save a certain amount and use it to invest in some income-producing investment vehicles. The key is to have a goal as to what you'll use the money for and then stick to it.
8. Pray, worship or meditate. Keep your loved ones close and keep track of your good neighbors. You'll need to pull together if things get as rough as I think they will. Whatever religious, neighborhood or ethnic community you ascribe to - be available and care for eachother. The government will not be there for you.
9. Start educating yourselves now on Depressions and Economic downturns. People have lived through these before, and they'll live through them again.

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