Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We Now Live in a Dictatorship

Three men now control virtually every aspect of your financial life. Find out how to defend yourself from them!

by Adam Lass
The greatest coup ever attempted is almost complete.
Forget about the sitting U.S. president. Every time he spoke, last week, he was greeted by resounding boos from the only audience that votes 24 hours a day, five days a week: the global stock market.
Forget about those two guys running for president, too. By the time either can take the oath of office, the office itself will be little more than a sinecure.
Forget about the heads of state in Europe and Asia, for that matter. Nothing they have had to say has mattered a bit (and that includes that KGB upstart in Russia).

The world’s various legislatures, including the U.S. Congress? Impotent.
The central banks of Europe? China? Japan? Sidelined.
The entire world economy now jumps at the beck and call of three men: Henry Paulson, Ben Bernanke and Timothy Geithner.
They may have official titles like “U.S. Treasury secretary,” “chairman of the Federal Reserve,” and president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York”… but you probably should get used to the idea of addressing them as “The Great Triumvirate.”
For years now, Washington has systematically destroyed the value of the dollar.
This campaign of destruction led directly to the real estate bubble, its demise and the ensuing mortgage crisis.
The entire time, these three men have quietly assured the public that all was well, that no precipitous actions were needed to be taken to forestall the troubles that were bearing down on us like a 300-car coal train barreling down Thunder Mountain.
One can only imagine what their private conversations were like. However, Paulson has been quoted as saying that he only took the job at Treasury to prepare for the inevitable crisis that was coming. Curiously enough, the trading house where he worked for 34 years bet heavily against mortgage derivatives when everyone else was wading in neck deep.
Bernanke’s entire career has been devoted to the study of Depression economics. And Geithner is a master of international currency manipulation who has served under Henry Kissinger, Robert Rubin, Lawrence Summers, not to mention stints in the International Monetary Fund and the Group of Thirty, a private club of international financiers currently helmed by Paul Volcker.
And now that the crisis is upon us, now that virtually every Wall Street house except Paulson’s own Goldman Sachs has gone under or been bought up, now that the rot in our dollar has spread to all our global competitors, now that all other official and semi-official organizations that could lay claim to any power are defunct or paralyzed, these three have stepped up and literally bought up our country.
And they did it entirely with your blessing… and your money. Because right now, you’ll pay them anything to pry your foot loose from their bear trap.
For weeks now, these three have decided who will get billions from the magical Federal piggy bank. And who will be gutted on the trading room floor.
Bear Stearns? You get sold to our friends. Lehman Brothers? Sorry, champ, but you are road kill. AIG? We get 80% of your assets, and you get to pretend like you still run your company.
So far, these three have doled out half a trillion dollars one way or another. But not a nickel of it was free. No, no, as the terms come to light, these negotiations begin to resemble something out of a popular organized crime romance.
You know all those billion-dollar “short-term loans” the Fed has been making to every bank in the country? Each and every borrower has put up matching collateral in the form of junk mortgage bonds.
Technically speaking, since these bonds cannot be valued, the Federal Reserve is required is required to value them at zero. Zed. Zippo.
The fact that they have not done so does not mean that they never will. Indeed, these three gentlemen are now in the position of instantly bankrupting virtually any and every bank in the country.
Don’t tow the new line? You’re dead meat.
You say the FDIC will cover the banks? It ran out of money back when Indymac went under. Right now, it has roughly 10 times more debt than assets. And 15-20 more banks are slated to go under at any moment.
In fact, as I sit to write this, the FDIC is begging for more funds. Want to guess who they have to go through to get it? That’s right: Treasury Secretary Paulson.

The tactic of lending billions in cash against assets that can be revalued at a whim has proven so effective, Emperors Paulson Bernanke and Geithner are now proposing to extend it to virtually every major Wall Street investor via their new “Department of Bad Debt.”
Think the Princes of the New World Order care a fig about your house, your job or your retirement fund? Think again: You are now, have always been and will always be a pawn in their grand scheme.
Every aspect of your life is on the line now. Not just your stock portfolio, but your bank accounts, your credit cards, the heat and lights in your house, even the value of the dollars in your wallet. They have put it all on the line to pull off this mad coup.
You simply must protect yourself if you have any hope of surviving. An immediate step would be to buy shares of PowerShares’ US Bearish Dollar Index (UDN:AMEX). Beyond that, Justice and I are working up a detailed defense plan.
This is no time to quibble about dollars and cents when so much more is on the line. So we will make this summit available for free to any and all who perceive the depths of this crisis.

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