Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving From Sound Of Cannons

Another day, another $800 billion..............Ho hum.

We do notice that even the Obama Apostles of the MSM are questioning where the hell all this money is going to come from. They just haven't figured out that it's being done on purpose to crash the US financial empire. When they do figure it out, they'll happily report it as progress and then run a news package on the true humanitarians that staff soup kitchens.

I keep watch on the entertainment media as a way to distract myself from the political mess we're embroiled in. I notice films and videogames about zombies are enjoying a renaissance. Since entertainment outlets reflect their times, I'm wondering if future generations will make the assessment that the average American citizen, "Boobus Americanus" (BTW, that phrase was coined by Doug Casey, a man who is epochly smarter than 99% of America) is indeed a thoughtless zombie being led by the nose-hairs by the MSM and told what to feel by the entertainment mediums he adheres to. My colleagues at my place of employ certainly reflect a sort of "zombie subservience" to the prevalent collective thought. Regardless, we'll all be wormfood when the future historians pass judgement on our lame asses.

So dear readers, enjoy your Thanksgiving Feast you worked so hard to provide. Enjoy your family and friends; breaking bread with your fellow man is a sure way to bond with someone. Give thanks for the joys in your life and say a prayer in hope for the future. But mostly, give words of praise to our Founding Fathers who gave us 200+ years the world has never seen better of. Men who set the defining high mark for liberty and freedom. We owe them our endless gratitude.

The last 80 years have been highlighted with the effort to undo what they have done. The Republic is faultering, but still holding onto the greatest mass experiment in freedom the earth has known. Let's hope it holds out awhile longer...........pray it does for your children and grandchildren.

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