Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Note To Our Readers

You may have noticed that the posts have been fewer and fewer after the election. While the GOP candidate was horrific, his choice of a VP was hearteneing as she seemed to have a good dose of Reagan Populism running through her veins. Above and beyond that, she seems like a fair and truly decent person with strong values. Now we've always known liberals to be the most hateful bunch of people on the planet; but even Sound Of cannons was shocked at the vitriol that the GOP VP candidate received from the supposedly fair mass media. In fact, it downright disheartened us. She was attacked for her values, her strengths and her beliefs. At a time when America is teetering on the brink of social collapse; "Boobus Americanus" joined the conflagration of media hatred and derided this truly decent person. In turn, they voted in a radical, socialist Muslim who can't seem to prove he was born on American soil. We're still in a state of shock at SOC Towers East and have dramatically increased our alcohol intake in trying to make sense of it.
Much like the Russian populace cheered on Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky after the Bolshevicks had their day and few lived (after the mass genocides) to regret it. Much like the countries of Europe cheered the EU but had to turn to socialism and lament the loss of sovereignty. Much like Chairman Mao was heralded throughout the world and proceeded to rack up more murder than Stalin and Hitler combined. Much like those aforementioned examples, we are going to rue the day we let a true-red socialist into the Oval Office. Since there are no accidents in politics, we assume Barrie is the latest step towards placing America on the level with all the other socialist shitholes on Earth. Massive steps already underway to crash our economy, the next step will be subjugation. oddly enough, it seems like we won't put up much of a fight. The retarded voters of Massachusetts voted to keep their state income tax, quite resoundingly. More and more it seems "Boobus Americanus" likes the idea of being a slave in love with his chains.
{In our distressed state of thought, the editorial board of Sound Of Cannons has decided to limit our postings through the end of 2008. We'll post occaisionally and then ramp it up for calendar 2009. we're reasonably sure that the president-elect will give us plenty to contemplate as he aids in the downfall of the once great American Republic. May God save us and our Founding fathers forgive us. SOC}

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