Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Full transparency....Not The Peep Show Kind

Drunk-On-Credit Fed Chief Claims “Full Transparency”
What had me hopping mad yesterday while the President (our new cheerleader) was on TV, a new headline that flashed across CNBC…
The headline said Bernanke claims he was always a proponent for an "Open and Transparent" Federal Reserve.
At the risk of sounding like Ron Paul, this is completely contrary to what Bernanke has been so far as our Fed Chief. There has been complete secrecy regarding the Fed's operations. The Bill to Audit the Federal Reserve and its actions was stopped cold in the Senate on July 9th using procedural grounds.
Oh! Don't we love politicians who speak from both sides of their mouth?
The honest truth folks is that Obama does not want any checks and balances on the nation's check book and wants to retain the ability to print as much money as his misguided policy desires.
Me - I feel like creating my own printing press in my garage too! Difference is if I did that, I would go to jail while Bernanke is being lauded as the "savior" of the U.S. economy.
But of course, that’s what it’s like in this Government for the People, for the People.

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