Monday, August 3, 2009

Joe Biden~Vice Idiot

Yesterday Jon from the always excellent pointed to a funny bit on the government’s changing spin on the stimulus that I thought you might enjoy. Here it is…
Joe's Jolts
Today Vice President Joe Biden argues that the stimulus bill is misunderstood.He writes: "The act was intended to provide steady support for our economy over an extended period — not a jolt that would last only a few months." Yet as Mark Silva reports:
As recently as June, at a roundtable in New York, Biden called the Recovery Act "an initial big jolt to give the economy a real head start.''
In March, the vice president said ''the Recovery Act, as we call it, provides a necessary jolt to our economy to implement what we refer as 'shovel-ready' projects.''
And in November, as a new White House in planning was assembling its new economic team, President-elect Barack Obama said: "The most important thing to recognize is that we have a consensus, which is pretty rare, between conservative economists and liberal economists, that we need a big stimulus package that will jolt the economy back into shape and that is focused on the 2.5 million jobs that I intend to create during the first part of my administration. We have to put people back to work."

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