Monday, May 16, 2011

The (Once) Great European Experiment.........Busted

While Europe may have sold its soul to the devil over the past decade, after it was "forced" to engage in diabolical currency swap deal with the "godly" likes of Goldman Sachs simply to mask that Europe's monetary union is nothing but a debtor's prison to the weaker peripheral countries at the expense of the stronger ones (or one: Germany), it still retained its beating heart - the concept that served at the core of the European Union: the so-called customs union, or a mobile, borderless workforce. Alas, the heart has just entered ventricular fibrillation, as for the first time, a country, Denmark, has taken what appears to be the first step toward defecting from Europe's 60 year old experiment of intimate, and sometimes, forceful unification. As EUBusiness reports: "Denmark will reintroduce controls at its intra-EU borders with Germany and Sweden, Finance Minister Claus Hjort Frederiksen said Wednesday following an agreement between the government and the far-right. "We have reached agreement on reintroducing customs inspections at Denmark's borders as soon as possible," Hjort Frederiksen told reporters." The official reason: "controls would counter illegal immigration and organised crime." The unofficial reason: the great, and failed, experiment at unity may be ending.

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