Friday, May 6, 2011

Yes, Even Freedom Lovers Need Vacations

Hey faithful readers.  the silver and oil markets have us absolutely nauseated in their tragic ups and mostly downs.  The continual erosion of the American way of life and the loss of liberty is enough to give anyone a rough stomach.  So we here at Sound Of Cannons Towers East will be closing up shop for a week or so to let the techies and the editors find some relaxation and quiet time to assimilate all that has happened, YES, the Sound Of Cannons staff will be on a brief vacation.  But we'll be back strong and virule after getting some lounge time and drinking many alcoholic beverages.  Keep the faith dear readers and read some good liberty minded articles in our absence.  In fact, email us at and tell us what you did during our week off or maybe what you thought about.  We'll publish the best response.  Now when does that limo to the airport get here?

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