Monday, June 20, 2011

Who said what's going on in Libya is a war?

We j
ust got finished learning a big lesson. It's bad to evade the truth:
"This was me doing a dumb thing, and doing it repeatedly and then lying about it," said Rep. Anthony Weiner.
Well .. the War Powers Act says if a president commits US forces without permission form Congress, he has to pull out in 90 days. And in the case of Libya, those 90 days are up on Sunday.
But White House spokesman Jay Carney says that law doesn't apply to Libya, because what's going on in Libya isn't a war:
"US Forces are playing a constrained supporting role in a multinational coalition whose operations are both legitimized by and limited to the terms of a UN Security Council resolution."
We're playing a constrained supporting role. We're just one of the extras. Who happens to be in 75 percent of the scenes. And THAT'S why we don't have to pull out Sunday. Really?
Some members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats, aren't buying it, because they see another multi-billion dollar nation-building experiment unfolding here, and they figure two of them are enough.
And as a result of this tap dance, CBS correspondent Allen Pizzy, says Mohahammar Khadafy is checking his watch:
"Khadafy is showing increasing signs of thinking that maybe time is on his side, that's a reference to the War Powers Act."
So by dancing around the law, the President has encouraged Khadafy to dig in. How do we get in these situations! And in the meantime, the war -- I'm sorry the SUPPORTING ROLE -- continues.
"We just heard a large explosion and I can see in the distance a large cloud of smoke," said one report.
I'm betting those are not bombs ... but more like persuasion poppers.

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