Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thomas Sowell on Healthcare, I Hope He’s Well

A few initial thoughts on this column from the always brilliant Dr. Sowell.
  1. God Bless Dr. Sowell, one of the great minds of our time.
  2. I wish I was as sharp at 40 as Dr. Sowell is at 80+.
  3. I shudder at the thought of losing him.
As usual. Dr. Sowell is correct. The man is a gem. His Basic Economics is a great addition to any library.
Liberal Visions for Health Care – National Review Online: You are free to take your life’s savings and gamble it away in a casino, if you want to — but you are not free to use your life’s savings to save your life. This is not an isolated paradox. This is the logical consequence of a vision of the world that prevails all too widely among the intelligentsia, and not just with regard to medical care. In that vision, people can draw on the available resources only to the extent that the government considers appropriate, in the light of other claims on those resources. This treats what the people have produced as if it automatically belongs to the government — and as if politicians and bureaucrats have both the right and the wisdom to override the personal decisions that the people want to make for themselves. This issue involves a difference between a world in which people can make their own decisions with their own money and a world in which decisions — including life-and-death medical decisions — are taken out of the hands of millions of people across the country and put into the hands of politicians and bureaucrats in Washington.

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