Thursday, October 20, 2011

A recent E-mail To SOC

“I’m astounded that your blog writers seem to get the true picture here.”
“All the gnashing of teeth over the economy, the terrible policies of the government, the huge benefits given to those with lots of money or lots of votes, etc., are the result of the sordid combination of a willingly corrupt business class and a power-hungry governing one.”
“However, the ire of those in the streets, including the Tea Party, are misdirected unless it is in confronting the political class, the only ones with the power to divert from an honest and ethical way. Who is most to blame: the one offering the bribe or the one with the power to give favors who accepts it?”
“If our political representatives weren’t corruptible (or, at best, fools), as most apparently are, very few of these economic or fiscal cancers could exist. Removing the basic tool of the means of corruption would end much of this for the most part, which would mean returning to a nonreversible gold standard and the elimination of the Fed.”
“It is the only way left to protect the individual from the government and those to whom they provide favors.”

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