Wednesday, November 16, 2011

School Dinners

Some school districts are moving beyond school lunches and school breakfasts to free school dinners. The Memphis Commercial Appeal reports: "As part of Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids legislation passed in 2010, the federal government is now in the supper business, budgeting $641 million over 10 years to make sure children in the nation's ever-growing poor pockets get one more balanced meal a day." Rush Limbaugh notes that the reporter who wrote the Memphis Commercial Appeal article: "didn't go out and find anybody who thought this was a bad idea, didn't find one contrary or contrarian opinion. I mean, I guess the pretense in journalism is now off. It used to be that you'd at least pay lip service to people who disagree with the primary premise of your story. Now to hell with it. If you're gonna have dinner at the Memphis schools, everybody loves it, don't even try to find somebody who disagrees with it because it's not worth the time."
Mr. Limbaugh also has a theory on what's driving the expanded cafeteria hours: "There's nothing called 'compassion' behind this. This is the Service Employees International Union, which is behind taxpayer money being used to feed the kids dinner -- and it's not just relocated to poor kids. They want the schools to be serving dinner because the SEIU runs the cafeterias. There would be more SEIU union people hired, kitchens would be open longer, and there would be more dues collected from these employees, which would end up back at the Democrat part."
Asks Mr. Limbaugh: "Where are the parents? Is it no longer the parents responsibility to feed dinner to their kids? We know it's no longer their responsibility to feed them breakfast. The school will do that. Ditto lunch. Why now is it not the parents' responsibility (or lack of responsibility) to feed them dinner?"

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