Tuesday, December 6, 2011

“I’ll Give You my 100-Watt Bulbs When You Pry Them from my Cold, Dead Hands!”

Apologies to Charlton Heston for butchering his line about the Second Amendment, but I’m increasingly disgusted and irate about the looming light-bulb ban.
For more than a century, incandescent light bulbs have brightened our world.
But the 100-watt bulb doesn’t provide enough light to compensate for the dark and malignant impact of politicians. In less than one month, stores no longer will be allowed to sell these bulbs – and will force us to use toxic bulbs instead.
So let’s bid a fond farewell to quality lighting – and part of our liberty – with this new video from Reason TV.

Speaking of videos, here’s a good speech on the issue by Congressman Poe of Texas.
By the way, this idiotic idea is another dismal legacy of the statist Bush presidency.

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