Friday, December 23, 2011

We're Off For Christmas Break, Dear Sound Of Cannons Readers!

Sound Of Cannons Towers East is closing up shop for a short winter's nap, dear readers.  Thanks for your support in 2011 and we look forward to a rollicking 2012!  Ron Paul in Iowa!  Obama doing his best Jimmy Carter impression!  Europe on the edge of financial destruction/implosion!  There's too much stuff not to write about!
But please use any free time you have over the holidays to hug your kids and tell your family members that you love them.  Discuss survival efforts should tough times arise (they have) and how you can all work together to pull through.  Inventory your emergency supplies and make an assessment as to retreats and escapes in the case of societal unrest.  Conduct some tax loss selling of securities and make every effort to secure your physical gold and silver purchases.  Do some honest appraisal of your own health. (Drop that weight, start a health regimen, start cooking healthy....) your family and community may need you to be in good health to help out.  Make necessary repairs to your house to make it more efficient and strong.  Take a firearms safety course and bring a sane and responsible friend/family/relative with you.  Learn basic EMT procedures and restock your first aid kits.
   The Greater Depression is here folks.  The politicians will only throw more gasoline on the fire.  You need to be self-sufficient and strong to get yourself and your loved ones through this crapstorm, Capiche?

And lastly, say a few prayers to God to help us through.  We've made some mistakes putting the wrong people in charge for a while now and we need God's help and forgiveness to get us through this.

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