Sunday, January 15, 2012

We Don't Like FDR's Legacy Either................

Another gem from Ralph Raico’s Great Wars and Great Leaders:
Roosevelt, who always viewed any criticism of himself as a perversion of true democracy, was outraged. The President of the United States wrote a personal letter to a managing editor declaring that Flynn, “should be barred hereafter from the columns of any presentable daily paper, monthly magazine, or national quarterly.” Whether or not as a consequence of FDR’s spite, The New Republic dropped the column by Flynn it had been publishing since 1933, a sign things were changing in the circles of left-liberalism. In the years to come, FDR would use the FBI, the IRS, and other agencies to spy on, harass, and intimidate his critics. This – and his lying, his constant lying – more than any supposed mental affliction, explains the hatred so many harbored for Franklin Roosevelt.

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