Friday, June 1, 2012

Bilderberg 2012: Are Bankers Still “All For Obama” Like They Were in ’08?

One of the many questions arising from the Bilderberg meeting starting today is whether the bankers who gather are still “all for Obama”- as New Mexico Governor and former democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson has stated they were back in 2008.
In a meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations on June 18 of that year, Richardson stated that Barack Obama was favored for the American presidency by a majority of bankers at the Bilderberg-meeting- which, like the one this year, took place near Chantilly, Virginia. Although Richardson himself didn’t attend in 2008, the revealing statement was confided to him by attendee Marie-Josée Kravis, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, who is a Bilderberg regular and did participate in the elitist get-together that year.
In response to a question by CFR-moderator Garrick Utley on the fact that candidate Barack Obama did not pull as much votes from the Hispanic communities as Hillary Clinton did, Richardson told the assembly that as long as people get to know the then Illinois Senator, he’s sure to win their votes. Bill Richardson:
“He is a minority himself with an internationalist background – let me tell you—(…) I was just talking to Marie-Josee – some of the people who attended the Bilderberg conferences. The most conservative bankers—they’re all for Obama!
After making this statement, Richardson appears to hesitate, adding:
“I mean, I don’t know—and I think you’re seeing this nationally”
Important to note here that it would be another 5 months before Barack Obama was actually declared winner of the presidential election. In this slip of the tong by Richardson (himself a two-time Bilderberg attendee) we are shown another glimpse into the murmurings going on around the secretive Bilderberg campfire. So, which banking heads were attending the 2008 Bilderberg-meeting anyway?
To name just a few:
- Robert B. Zoellick, president of The World Bank Group
– Jean-Claude Trichet, president of the European Central Bank
– Timothy Geithner, (then) President and CEO Federal Reserve Bank of New York
– Ben S. Bernanke, chairman Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
– Frank McKenna, Deputy Chair TD Bank Financial Group
– Tom McKillop, Chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group
In regards to Obama being regarded as an ideal president by the bulk of international bankers may not be a surprise. When we look at the president’s monetary policy for the last four years we can see an international agenda unfolding which is consistent with that of the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve, the Bank of International Settlements and other transnational leviathans that regularly attend the elitist confab. Fiscal conservatism isn’t exactly consistent with the “global consensus” between all the major central banks.
Recent speculations in regards to Mitt Romneys VP-pick, and the role Bilderberg may play in that decision, is consistent with Bilderberg’s modus operandi: talent-scouting by Bilderberg’s steering-committee is being done on both sides of the spectrum, just like the participants of Bilderberg cover all sides of the political paradigm.

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