Sunday, September 30, 2007

Best Countries To Run A Business

Singapore is the “easiest” place in the world to conduct business, says a Doing Business 2008 report released this week. The report considered items such as employing workers, getting credit, licensing and taxes when compiling the list.
“Countries that have improved their performance in the rankings in past years have seen a parallel increase in equities performance,” says our international man of investing Christopher Hancock. “Egypt improved more than any other country -- rising to 126 from 165 last year. China overtook Russia among the fastest middle-income countries, rising 10 places, to 83.”
Our buddy Hugo Chavez is getting high marks this year, too. Venezuela fell from 164 to 172, the survey’s worst performing country. The World Bank reports that Venezuela is on track to pass the Democratic Republic of the Congo as the worst place in the world to conduct business next year. Bravo, mi hermano.

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