Monday, October 29, 2007

Jim Rogers Endorses America's Last & Best Hope, Ron Paul

Jim Rogers Endorses Ron Paul!
Posted October 29th, 2007 by manystrom
Investors around the world know and respect Jim Rogers as a smart, successful, maverick investor. He was an original partner with George Soros - they founded the Quantum fund together. In the late 1990's, he turned bullish on commodities - notably gold, and predicted the beginning of a great bull market in commodities in his best selling, Hot Commodities.
Jim recently endorsed Ron Paul in a video interview with the Financial Times. In this excellent interview on the Financial Times website, he says that Ron Paul "is the only one I've seen in American politics that seems to have a clue with what's going on in the world..."
The whole interview is well worth your time - he begins by talking about the future direction of the US dollar - but his endorsement of Ron Paul comes at around the 4:45 mark. Unfortunately, emphasizing his reputation as an early adopter / maverick / contrarian, Jim goes on to say, "If I'm supporting him, there is no way he is going to win..." :-( This is not as bad as it sounds, since he has a reputation in the investment community of being unconventional and also right! So having Rogers put Ron Paul's name out there is huge!

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