Monday, October 29, 2007

Some Seldom Heard, But Spot-On Criticism Of The "Greatest Generation."

The ‘greatest generation’ is not so great -- they are the ones responsible for the horrific situation(s) we find ourselves in today. The real greatest generation will be the future generation that has to clean up after them. “Let me reveal my bias. I am 44 years old. My wife and I have calculated that over the life of our oldest daughter, 10 years, we together have sent the S.S. Administration $150,000. Yes. The wage base only keeps increasing! Over 10 years, it would be fair to say, including dividends, interest, capital gains and compounding, the amount paid to S.S. is far greater! Maybe it’s really $300,000-350,000? “This is $350,000 stolen from my children. They will have far higher tax rates as workers, they will have not nearly the employment opportunities of the so-called ‘greatest generation,’ they will have to endure the GREATER DEPRESSION on our doorstep and generally a much lower standard of living. So to the blowhards protesting your observations regarding baby boomers, I say f- you!”

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