Thursday, February 25, 2010

What Exactly Is Happening Here?

Sovereign: A Take of Two American
By Chuck Butler
Total U.S. non-farm employment is down 4.6% since January 2007, reflecting a decline of 6.27 million jobs.
U.S. private sector employment has fallen 5.8% and lost 6.625 million jobs.
Total government employment climbed 1.6% over the past three years and added 355,000 jobs.
The average salary in the private sector is $40,000.
The average salary in the public, tax-supported sector is $72,000.
The private sector of the United States of America has been devastated.
The public sector of America is flourishing and growing.
Is this what we the people really want for our country?
Do we want a government so big, that it pushes down the private sector? That the day will come when everyone will be a government worker?
I don't think so; but then, we have to ask the question as to why this is happening.
So, those who control the U.S. government, why is this being allowed to happen?

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