Thursday, March 18, 2010

SOC Original

Just a thought. The Healthcare debacle is the Trojan Horse of Socialism that Barrie Obama is hingeing his entire Presidency on. He'll be well renumerated after his one-term in the Oval Office, so we won't bother with tears. Maybe Barrie will be like Canada's Kim Campbell who quipped she was glad she didn't get rid of her car after she bore the brunt of Mulrooney's tax attack on the citizens of Canada. But I digress............

The ideas behind healthcare reform, cap-and-trade and pretty much every policy the Bush and Obama administrations is to undermine America's status as a superpower. The Elites want a one-world gov't, and America is damned well not going to get in their way! So they've taken the multi-pronged approach of pulling the credit rug out from under the financial system and propped up their own demon brood in the process. But it isn't going as fast as they want, SSSSOOOOOOOO they're starting the rumblings of a trade-war with China and attacking the Chinese currency peg. That's kind of like you or me going up to a hornet's nest and giving it a whack with a stick. Because if you want trouble, just start messing with a huge nation with 27 million surplus males, all angry because most of them can't get laid. Remember, the war with Japan that FDR craved (because the Japanese were killing all his commie friends in China) was brought about via trade restrictions with the island nation.

So we've got the Middle east quagmire with Israel just itching to smack Iran. We've got the Chinese wondering just how stupid Americans really are. We've got elected representatives that can't crack 70 on the IQ meter. We've got a multi-pronged attack on our tax and economic system. Whew! What's next? I fear the next blow will be a swift one to knock America off balance. It won't be terrorism, it'll be economic chaos fomented by all the bad legislation meant to knock the American standard of living down a peg. Social chaos may ensue, so start storing canned good and water in a safe place. Take steps to protect your families and use your community (civic, church, social etc) for support.

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