Monday, March 22, 2010

We Lose When They Win

Elected politicians are up against Pelosi/Obama/Reid and are being beguiled, ordered, pressured, threatened, intimidated, bribed – or perhaps rewarded – and whatever else it takes to get them to vote "yes" for the health-care bill. If passed, this legislation will change the face of this nation for the foreseeable future, if not forever.
Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama are in lockstep, bound and determined to do whatever is necessary to solidify the "yes" votes, change the "no" votes and influence the undecided.
It's a tough, close fight.
But the real battle is one of political philosophy. It's finally out in the open that the Obama administration is filled with people with histories and backgrounds diametrically opposed to what this country was founded upon and what it represents. It's far more than just Democrats versus Republicans.
We are in the midst of a battle for the soul of the United States. In fact, the future of this country us at stake.
Under Obama, we're tilting far enough left that continued success for him in his efforts to "change the face" of the country will result in changing the country itself.

We lose our freedoms at every turn as the federal government gains more and more control over our lives, regulating everything from what we eat and drink, medicines we need, how and where we live, products we use, modes of transportation, the curriculum of schools, our jobs, business operations, finance, manufacturing, trade – you name it, the feds are there directing things. And they want more.
We've been lied to, misled and deceived because big government and political elites tell us they know what's best for everyone.
Orwell had it right. It's Big Brother.
The faces of it today are labeled Obama, Pelosi, Reid and all their lackeys and henchmen, from Rahm Emanuel on down. These are especially dangerous people because their public face and voice is one of concern for the "little guy" who they deem unable to do for himself without help from those who know better.
But while Pelosi thinks that if the plan becomes law, people will cheer and accept, she's in for a surprise. If Obama thinks the same and that he can just move right into his next plan for massive change – immigration "reform" – he's in for more than a surprise.
American citizens in Washington and elsewhere demonstrating against the health plan are not about to allow this administration to open the flood gates to millions of illegal aliens, presenting them with the most precious gift this country can bestow: citizenship.
Obama and the others need to know there are some "gifts" on the other side.
Legal action, yes.
Civil disobedience, yes.
Refusal to submit, yes.
Impeachment, who knows.
Vote the bums out, yes, yes, yes.
These possibilities are being raised more and more often, even among people who generally aren't political. These are the people who vote but don't pay much attention to what goes on in between elections. They tend to "trust" those who are elected, assuming they'll do the right thing.
Assuming is dangerous.
But times have changed. We have conservative talk radio and the Internet. For the first time, there's more than the corrupt and sycophantic traditional media slanting the news to suit their own liberal politics. What they don't slant, they ignore.
They might ignore it, but Americans don't need them. They can find out the truth for themselves.
It's called freedom. We like it and treasure it. We've fought wars to protect it.
In fact, even though the president publically ignores the current war against terrorism, American military fight and die.
Their bravery makes it possible for Obama and the rest of them to continue their efforts to destroy the country that so enriches them.
They are despicable.

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