Thursday, February 3, 2011

Let's Get Rid Of Them RINO's

Time to roast a few RINOs

Exclusive: Craige McMillan applies his 1997 column to today's GOP-led House

Perhaps to some of you, the events of 13 years ago are ancient history. That's another way of saying they are unworthy of our attention; that they can't do anything to improve our lives today.
"The price of betrayal" was written in 1997. It was a message to the Republican Congress first elected in 1994 and subsequently re-elected in 1996. The message was simple: You weren't sent to Washington, D.C., to cut deals with the departing Democrats.
In the 1997 piece, I explained:
"Political parties are shadow armies. Their job is to do battle in the field of ideas. The Democrats in America have wielded the real political power – budgetary authority (the House) – for at least 65 years, since the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt. They have used our tax money to craft a nation of their own vision – often while overlooking their constitutional and fiduciary responsibilities."
I also explained why a dramatic electoral reversal in Congress called for a dramatic change in direction:
"A decisive victory demands a dramatic surrender. One does not seize the high ground, capture the city, and set the enemy to retreat – only to call him back for negotiations! We frontline troops are fond of our grand traditions. In warfare, the victor determines the conditions of surrender. The table is to be set up on the battlefield, in sight of all, and the leaders are required to do their duty – in war and in peace."

Returning to our present age, just yesterday, John Stossel identified how the budget can be balanced in one year. His conclusion:
"As the bureaucrats complain about proposals to make tiny cuts, it's good to remember that disciplined government could make cuts that get us to a surplus in one year. But even a timid Congress could make swift progress if it wanted to. If it just froze spending at today's levels, it would almost balance the budget by 2017. If spending were limited to 1 percent growth each year, the budget would balanced in 2019. And if the crowd in Washington would limit spending growth to about 2 percent a year, the red ink would almost disappear in 10 years."
In 1997 I noted that "ideas do not cease to exist because they are inconvenient for those in power to deal with. Nor does the war of ideas; armies exist to fight. We – the troops on the ground – paid the price to put you – the Republican leaders of Congress – into positions of power. Bring us the political heads of Gephardt, Schumer, Clinton and Gore. Impeach the judges who behave as if the Constitution were a roll of soggy toilet paper, confined to a leaky outhouse. Shut off the funding spigot to the Democrats' army of teachers who eat from our storehouses through the federalized education bureaucracy, while they turn our children against us. Repay the television networks for their lies and deceit: charge them their 'fair share' for a lifetime of plundered public resources. Permanently close the government departments that were used to re-elect our enemies. Return the tax system to sanity."
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Had even half of that happened 13 years ago, we wouldn't be facing deficits today that were unimaginable just 13 short years ago. Congressional do-gooders (always with other people's money) wouldn't have inflated the housing market by creating phony demand with mortgages for unqualified buyers that would never be paid back. Banks wouldn't have had to be bailed out because of the reckless lending market created by Congress, via Freddie and Fannie.
Newly elected Republicans need to understand something. You weren't sent to Washington, D.C., to "curtail" the growth of government and cut deals with those "across the aisle." You were sent to Washington, D.C., to kill the left's agenda – permanently. You do that with the budget knife. The House is the only chamber you need. The left infests every area of life. You weren't sent there to "restrain its growth." You were sent there to kill it, before it kills us all with its insane schemes.
Case in point: Obamacare has been ruled unconstitutional. Yet Obama's minions are pretending nothing ever happened and chugging along with implementation. Defund it. Every bureaucrat hired to implement it gets a pink slip. End of story.
Had you done your job the last time you were sent to Washington, D.C., we wouldn't be facing this crisis today. Get a clue. It's time to dismantle the welfare state and the myriad programs the left uses to build its army of dependents.
The 13 years that have elapsed since my original column hold a lesson for the tea party, and it's this: Don't be afraid to roast a few RINOs. The smell of burning turncoats roasting during the primary elections will do wonders to focus the attention of Brand-R. We can afford the sacrifice to keep the herd in line.

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