Friday, February 25, 2011

Marc Faber: The Total Financial Collapse of America is Here! - Alex Jone...

Faber believes the cost of living increase in the US is much higher than what the government is publishing, and forecasts that standards of living will continue to fall under the present economic policy. He says the stock market is overbought and may experience a 10-15% correction.
Faber predicts QE3 in the future, benefiting the price of gold and silver. He advises investors to gradually accumulate gold each month. “Not to own any gold is to trust the US government, trust that they will ever balance the budget again,” Faber comments.
Instead of the US government defaulting on its debt, Faber believes the Fed will continue to print more money. He thinks the euro isn’t much better than the US dollar. “The only true currencies that exist today are gold, silver, platinum, and palladium,” Faber argues. He advises against the 10 year and 30 year government bonds. Although real estate may go down another 10% in the US, Faber says this may not be a bad time to buy a house or farmland.
“This crackup boom will end very badly, but before it ends badly, we’ll have money printing, very high inflation, and when everything fails, the US will go to war. They’re already in war, but they’ll increase it.”

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