Monday, May 2, 2011

Ho-hum, OBL is dead...............

Osama is reportedly dead. A cold stiff for over a week as his DNA was confirmed, or so we're told.   If we can believe a desperately under-seige government desperate for some off-putting news. The timing of OBL's death is highly suspect, being Barry's numbers of favor are positively sub-terranean.  If you believe Bin-boy was solely responsible for 9/11 then you probably are a government educated drone unaware of false flag events. 
We here at SOC simply believe ol'Osama had outlived his worth and the US decided some good political news would benefit Soetoro, so the raid was called in.  After all, just the name of Osama Bin Laden has been enough for Americans to justify a loss of civil liberties for the past decade at an alarming rate. 
But we'll never be sure as various incarnations of OBL have been shown over the years and a 6 foot + man needing dialysis couldn't have been that hard to find in the hard scrabble hills of Pakistan.  Nope, this has been orchestrated for it's good political theater - nothing else.  And it's not like our children will stop being groped in airports because this former CIA payrolled individual has shed his mortal coil...............right?

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