Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Renewed Investor Interest For Silver In 2012

Silver was on fire for much of 2011 before slipping towards the end of the year. Investors have something to look forward to though in 2012, as silver bulls should help to renew interest in silver investing.
As I have written before, many experts (including myself) think that silver is going to have a huge year in 2012.
How huge? Most experts think the price of silver will rise to around $50 per ounce, while there has even been some speculation that it could go as high as $60 per ounce, which would actually double the current $29 price per ounce.
While there is always risk involved (some think that silver will lose more before it gains), you can’t deny that the popularity of the white metal will definitely help to keep the price up.
“I see $60 silver by the end of 2012,” said David Morgan, independent precious metals analyst. “Demand from investors will pick up, as we see continued deterioration of the world financial system.”
While no one wants to see the economy continue to deteriorate, it does give us a chance to put our money in something safe that will more than likely make nice gains in 2012.
HSBC Securities also foresees renewed investor interest and a 7% expansion in global demand in 2012, to an unprecedented 968 million ounces.
TD Securities looks for an even greater 9% gain, to 1.021 billion ounces.
“Demand for silver will be sustained by global concerns about fiscal profligacy, political gridlock on dealing with the U.S. budget deficit, long-term sustainability of the U.S. dollar, potential inflationary consequences of highly accommodative monetary policies, and economic uncertainty,” HSBC said.
“Coin and small-bar demand may moderate from current high levels, but remain strong, further contributing to silver price strength,” they added.
There are hundreds of quotes from experts all around the world that are similar to the above quotes.
To make a long story short, silver is probably going to be a solid investment in 2012, as it is going to see renewed interest from investors based on popularity, supply and demand.
Now may be the very best time for a while to get it on silver on the ground floor. There are numerous silver investing options, with the most popular and smart being silver bars and silver coins.
[Editor’s note: There are also some lower-cost options like “junk silver” which could be useful in barter situations as it is worth less than silver bullion or coins valued by collectors.]
Want to double or triple your money in 2012? Invest in some silver and see what happens.

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