Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Fine Art of Shorting (As Demonstrated by a Bear)

The following picture (source unknown) is worth viewing to take in the exquisite detail. It shows the proper bearish trading technique, as demonstrated by a master practitioner.

We can make a few instructive observations here:
~The bear is patient and relaxed... not in any sort of hurry.
~The bear has taken note of favorable general conditions (the onset of spawning season).
~The bear has positioned himself in an optimal spot.
~The bear lets his lunch come to him – not the other way round.
A wise market bear does much the same thing. He patiently waits for investors to bid up a stock, an index, a commodity or what have you when general conditions (and the charts too) do not justify the hope of a higher price.
In this manner, the "hopers" do the hard work, like salmon blindly thrashing and struggling their way up a waterfall. And the reward for all this struggle? The bear’s waiting mouth.

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