Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Farah Asks A Great Question Of Barrie

Why doesn't Obamadeny he's a socialist?

Exclusive: Joseph Farah challenges presidentto come clean about his view of free market
Posted: April 07, 20101:00 am Eastern
By Joseph Farah
Have you noticed the way Barack Obama loves to talk about the crazy people out there in America who think he's a socialist?
He did it again last week during an interview on NBC about the tea-party movement.
"There's still going to be a group at their core that question my legitimacy," he explained. "There's some folks who just weren't sure whether I was born in the United States, whether I was a socialist."
Let's get down to brass tacks. I don't know anyone in the tea-party movement who has any doubts whatsoever that Obama is a socialist.
If Obama isn't a socialist, why doesn't he come out and deny – just once? Why doesn't he swear publicly that he absolutely is committed to fostering free enterprise and market capitalism. Have you ever heard him say such a thing? Of course not. Even better, of course, would be if Obama would actually govern like he believed in those principles. Yet, to date, he has done the opposite – governing like someone who believes the state has all the answers and needs all the power.

I don't have even a grain of doubt that Obama is a socialist. If he walks like a socialist and talks like a socialist and governs like a socialist, he is probably a socialist.
Obama appoints avowed socialists to key positions in his Cabinet.
He talked in the campaign about the need to "spread the wealth around."
He belonged to socialist organizations during his community-organizer days.
As president, he has nationalized automakers, the entire health-care system and redistributed more wealth than any other president in history.
Whether or not he calls himself a socialist is really immaterial and beside the point.
If I rob banks, I'm a bank robber – no matter what I call myself.
Words actually mean things. If you look up socialist in the dictionary, you ought to see a picture of Barack Obama.
Notice, though, how Obama cleverly confuses the settled facts of his economic philosophy with the open question of his origins.
I don't know anyone who is certain Obama is foreign born. However, his steadfast refusal to provide any meaningful evidence of his bona fide birth in the United States and, thus, his constitutional eligibility to serve as president certainly has many of us wondering – at last count, about half the country.
What we are certain about is that the Constitution requires presidents to be natural-born citizens. We are also certain Obama has never proven anything of the kind. He's never shown a willingness to be forthright, open and honest about his origins. Instead, he has aggressively fought every legal attempt to force him to produce the evidence.
I've been a journalist for a long time. One thing I learned in 30 years was that when politicians hide something there's a reason for it. They don't conceal documents, birth records, school records, college transcripts, health records, etc., unless they have something to hide.
Contrary to the opinions of non-journalists like Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck, who never investigated a story in their lives, politicians don't hide papers as a means of distraction or as a tactic to divert the interest of the public from "the real issues."
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Whether or not Barack Obama is constitutionally eligible, fit and qualified for office is the ultimate issue facing his presidency.
We know after experiencing a year of his governance that he has no respect for the Constitution whatsoever. Isn't that exactly what we would expect of a man who sought and won the office illegitimately?
Why would it be so hard to believe Obama deceived the America people from the start?
I would find it harder to believe that he actually has a long-form birth certificate that reflects the life story he has told us. If I were him and I had such a document, I would pull it out and shut up those annoying critics once and for all.
Of course, he's never going to do that – not willingly. He will continue to bob and weave and play games as long as the Matt Lauers, Bill O'Reillys and Glenn Becks of the world keep falling for them.
That's because he's a socialist – and for socialists, the ends justify the means, rules are meant to be broken, there are no absolutes, there is no truth.
If you're not a socialist, Obama, what are you?
Are you a free-marketeer? Do you expect anyone to believe that?
If you're not foreign born, which Hawaiian hospital were you born in – and where is the proof?

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