Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Socialism Is Firmly Rooted In Our Nation's Capitol

The socialist revolution begins

Exclusive: Jayme Sellards explains what Washington's Marxists mean by 'historic'
Posted: April 07, 20101:00 am Eastern
The passage of the health-care bill has consistently been described in terms of history by those on the left. President Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Harry Reid and scores of Democratic politicians have called it "historic." Likewise, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and every other liberal media outlet have used exactly the same word when reporting on the bill.
On the surface, a discussion of the historical significance of national health care seems innocuous. When something that has never happened before happens, it can certainly be described as "historic." However, when a Marxist mentions anything regarding history, it has a different connotation altogether.
The passage of the health-care bill is "historic" for Marxists because it signals the beginning of the socialist revolution in the United States.
Marxism is not a mere economic system. Rather, it is a belief in a comprehensive historical theory of the world. In other words, according to Marxism, everything that has happened in the past, is happening now and will happen in the future is part of a predetermined and unstoppable "historical process."
The historical process is one of constant class struggle. Marxism theorizes that in each time period there has been an oppressor class and an oppressed class. In Roman times, for instance, there were freemen and slaves. In the Middle Ages, there were lords and serfs. This oppression was based purely upon economics, meaning that the class in charge of the means of production oppressed the class that was not.

In our current time period, Marxists believe the capitalist class (the "bourgeoisie") uses its economic power to exploit and oppress the laborer class (the "proletariat"). The Marxist prophecy, however, places a special significance on the conflict between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, as it is regarded as the final class struggle. Why? Because after capitalism comes communism.
Under communism, Marxism preaches that private ownership of property will be abolished. Since oppression is only possible because of economic exploitation, the inability of anyone to acquire economic wealth will prevent the formation of an oppressor class. Thus, the historical cycle of class warfare will be broken and, in its place, a Utopian communist world will emerge, promising eternal love, peace and harmony.
However, capitalism does not disappear overnight.
In "The Communist Manifesto," Karl Marx describes the process by which capitalism will be destroyed. It is called the socialist revolution.
Marx wrote that capitalist oppression will ultimately result in property ownership being centralized in the hands of fewer and fewer capitalists. As the number of capitalists becomes smaller, the number of proletarians will necessarily become larger. The impoverished proletariat, who will own no private property anyway, will adopt the communist belief system.
Proletarians will then use their numerical superiority to "win the battle of democracy." This means that the proletariat will use their majority in a capitalist-created democracy to pass socialist laws that will, Marx says, "wrest, by degrees, all capital from the bourgeoisie [and] centralize all instruments of production in the hands of the State."
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The moment the proletariat is able to pass these socialist laws is pivotal under Marxism, as it signals the ascendance of the proletariat to the ruling class. When the proletariat becomes the ruling class, the socialist revolution begins.
Given their view of history, no event is "historic" to a Marxist unless that event is significant according to their historical theory. To Marxists like Obama, Pelosi and Reid, then, the passage of their health-care legislation, which nationalizes one-sixth of the economy, is "historic" because the prophesied socialist revolution has arrived.
What must be understood is that Marxists fervently believe that once socialist revolution begins, it cannot be stopped. Therefore, they will continue, unceasingly, to attempt to pass bills that have one aim and one aim only: to destroy every vestige of capitalism.
Unfortunately for Marxists, their religion is a proven hoax. Marx himself predicted the 1848 socialist revolution in Europe would end capitalism. It didn't. In 1917, Marxists alternatively hailed the Russian Revolution as the beginning of universal communism. That didn't happen either.
The Marxists are correct in one respect, though. There is a greedy, oppressive class that attempts to enslave all other classes. They're called Marxists. A study of history shows that one group of people specializes in defeating that special kind of evil. They're called Americans.

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