Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is Breaking Up Hard To Do?

America: Time to dump Obama

Writer warns nation to extricate itself from 'bad relationship'
Posted: April 20, 20101:00 am Eastern
Having Obama as president is like being involved in a bad relationship. One that we either knew intuitively or had friends warn us would be a big mistake – but we hadn't listened.
Why? How could we be accepting of someone who turns out to be filled with rancor and who is unrepentantly untrustworthy – someone who is miserable and makes all around them miserable as well? To the public they/he seem(s) intelligent and winsome, but in reality they/he are white-washed sepulchers which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones and all uncleanness.
That is precisely the case with Obama. He seemed like just the person to make all things right in our lives. He mouthed great and lofty promises that, in reality, were as vacuous as a jar filled with air. And like the scourge our friends warned us about, we ignored the telltale signs that portended trouble.
His most recent display of contempt for our feelings and ready willingness to be untruthful came April 15 as tea partiers were holding nationwide Tax Day rallies. In an unparalleled display of arrogance – Obama, the president of the United States, said he was "amused by the anti-tax tea-party protests that have been taking place." He condescendingly and falsely said, "You would think they'd be saying thanks" insofar as he had cut taxes, contrary to the claims of the protesters.
But the man whom much of America had trusted, the man millions of persons became involved with vis-à-vis their support and votes, was lying.
In an April 15 article titled, "Obama mocks tea partiers: You should thank me for cutting taxes," wrote: "[H]e has raised some taxes, contrary to his campaign pledge two years ago. But more than that, he seems almost to be laughing at people for being concerned about deficits. Did we or did we not learn just last night that a majority of the tea partiers think their taxes are fair? They're not some fanatic 'zero-tax' movement … they're willing to pay what they're paying now – what they want is a government small enough to make ends meet with what they're paying."
By his logic even if he were to lower the top marginal income tax to one percent (and there's not a snowball's chance of his doing that), "it would still mean annual deficits many times the trillion-dollar leviathan we're currently saddled with." Apparently, he is the only one who doesn't understand "that conservatives want fiscal responsibility," not necessarily "lower taxes at any and all costs."
The article continues, "What's most annoying about this is that everyone understands the feds will need to raise taxes, and soon, to put a dent in our Everest of liabilities. That was the entire point of Paul Volcker, Obama's own adviser, whispering about a VAT [tax] a few weeks ago. Tax hikes are simply a fait accompli, due in no small part to [Obama's] own unprecedented spending, and we'd probably have them already if not for his political cowardice in refusing to demand them before his re-election bid. And yet, here he is, actually patting himself on the back [as] being a tax-cutter."
As is the case with most bad relationships, persons involved in them eventually come to their senses. They realize they've made a horrible mistake and undertake to extricate themselves from it.
This is what we are witnessing with many of those who bought into Obama's lies and deceit. Rasmussen Reports polls his disapproval ratings at 52 percent. I personally believe them to be much, much higher. I believe many people are not telling pollsters the truth, for fear that their objections to his policies will be viewed as being based on racism. No insignificant numbers of the protesters are people who initially supported him, and who now realize they should have heeded our warnings.
We weren't fooled because we listened to more than his promises of hope and change. We wanted to know exactly what that hope and change was. We knew that any person – be they a romantic interest or potential president – should portray certain specific qualities.
And those qualities do not include lying and keeping secrets. As I often say, "The only reason a person hides things is because they have something to hide. And the only reason they become defensive and disparaging when pressed for honesty is because they aren't honest."
In the absence of their willingness to come clean, we should dismiss them with prejudice. Because, as Obama continues to show, they aren't worthy of our respect and they certainly aren't worthy of being president.

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