Thursday, April 15, 2010

Here We Go...............

We're sure Pammy has no problems in life and we're pretty sure this particular news listing NEVER needed to be included in Sound Of Cannons; but it's Tax Day and after several fevered trips to the official CPA of Sound Of Cannons LLC....well...........we're angry and a bit depressed......(onerous and oppressive tax laws make us sad and grumpy)...........and if the cure for anger and depression isn't the sight of a ridiculously sexy and gorgeous woman...........well, we just don't wanna live in that world.

State: Pamela Anderson owes $493K in income taxes
Mon Apr 12, 7:07 pm ET
SACRAMENTO, California – California officials say former "Baywatch" star Pamela Anderson has failed to pay $493,000 in personal income tax.
Anderson is on the annual list of delinquent taxpayers released Monday by the California Franchise Tax Board.
The 42-year-old actress is currently competing on the television show "Dancing With the Stars."
Anderson is among 250 individual and business taxpayers that owe more than $100,000 in back taxes. State records show a tax lien for $493,144 was filed against Anderson in April 2009.
Her attorney, Robert T. Leonard, says he is representing Anderson in the matter but declined to comment further.

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