Friday, March 25, 2011

$36 Silver- The Bankster’s Waterloo?

March 21st, 2011
March is setting up to be a very interesting month for silver. There is a tight and violent action between $36 and $34 silver. This is a battle between the Aware and the Banksters. Sooner or later someone is going to scream uncle, and the Silver Door will be shut for good.
On the floor of $34 silver is the Aware that get the paper manipulation of silver. They include you and me, who no longer trust the dollar, stock market, bond market, ETFs, money market, 401k, IRA, pension, Social Security, FDIC, and any other piece of paper with counter party risk. Hell, even PIMCO does not seem to trust the US T bill anymore.
The Aware also includes countries like China that have trillions in our fiat paper debt. China used to be the biggest exporter of silver 5 years ago, and now are the biggest importer of silver.  In January, Chinese President Hu Jintao has said the international currency system dominated by the US dollar is a “product of the past”. In February, China imported 245 tons of silver. Follow the money folks.
There are hundreds of reasons to buy silver and very few reasons to sell silver. And for every reason to buy silver, there are thousands of people who will buy and hold. The more physical silver in the strong hands of the Aware, the higher and stronger that floor goes.
The ceiling of $36 silver consists of the banksters trying desperately to control the price of silver. The Elite have all of their power tied to the perceived value of their dollar. They use same old tactics of paper manipulation shorting, leasing and ETFs to keep the price under control.
They also don’t want people to take physical delivery this month, which adds even more pressure to the battle. They only have 40,000,000 ounces in the registered category at the CRIMEX. $1.5 Billion takes away the whole ball of wax. That is literally nothing in this quadrillion-dollar dream world we live in.
There are rumors that the banksters cannot even deliver 20,000,000 ounces of silver this month. Harvey Organ wrote a piece about Blythe Masters paying off contracts at an 80% premium for contract holders NOT to take delivery. This physical default of silver would rock the world more than the Japanese earthquake, because it would expose the bankster’s illusion of money.
The Banksters are already short 150 days of global silver production. What are they going to do lump on another couple months of phantom production into the market and drive the price down, just as the silver feeding frenzy is getting going? Can you imagine what would happen now if they hammered silver down 60% like they did in 2008? There would be such a mad rush to buy the real physical silver that it would empty the shelves of all inventory. Finally, all of the silver will then be in the hands of the Aware who will not sell until a new day of justice comes.
There are rumors that the Banksters could suffer exponential losses above $36 Silver through derivatives. A short squeeze or a delivery failure would make the biggest of the too big to fail banks admit that they are insolvent.The Federal Reserve might bail them out, but that money would only add to the current inflationary pressure out there, fueling the silver fire further.
The US Mint is apparently no longer going to produce Silver Eagles after months of record sales. They have even started to inquire the public about what other materials we would like to see in our coins. I suggested we make aluminum tokens just like Chuck E. Cheese uses in my article, “In Pizza We Trust.”
It will be interesting to see what happens in the final stretch of this month. Right now we are $13.75 away from my $50 prediction I made in January. This is only possible if there is a physical delivery default at the CRIMEX. So if you have a CRIMEX contract, stand for delivery and fire that Silver Bullet in to the Achilles Heel of the Elite that enslaves humanity with their debt/money.
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