Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why Isn't This A Front-Page Story?! WHY???!!!!

Treason in the White House?

If our nation's press had any spine, you would've recently seen a major headline something like this:
Treason in the White House
Top U.S. ICE Agent Accused of Fraud and Funding Terrorism
Given recent events, that headline should have had top billing in all the major newspapers while running 24/7 on every media outlet here and abroad. In terms of profit, it's a guaranteed winner. It baffles me that they can produce mind-numbing coverage of the union protests and the newest royal wedding, while ignoring treason in the White House.
Our media has, again, let us down. Had the following story taken place during the reign of George W. or any of the neocon administrations, this would have warranted front-page coverage across the country. CNN would most likely be providing hourly updates.
I'm no fan of any administration since Martin Van Buren (really), but the pass given this administration on a regular basis by our major media is bordering on criminal. At a minimum, they are guilty of gross negligence.
The First Amendment, which includes the right to free speech, was intended to ensure the media protection against reprisals when they report the abuses of our leaders. It not only is a right, but a duty.
The television media are losing viewers and newspapers can't keep readers. I would suggest it's not that we are not interested in better educating ourselves about current events. The Internet has proven that there is a huge and growing appetite for information. It may be because we're not interested in the propaganda they continually try to force-feed us, and the lack of any news of substance put forth.
Thomas Jefferson said, "The press is the best instrument for enlightening the mind of man, and improving him as a rational, moral and social being." Today, we'd have to rewrite that to make it accurate by substituting "Internet" for "press."
I don't pretend to be a journalist. I'm a banker that knows how to analyze investments. But rather than let this story disappear, as preferred by the White House, I'll provide you a brief outline of the critically important details. Please contact your senators or congressman and demand answers.
On Feb. 4, James M. Woosley, deputy director of intelligence at the Washington headquarters of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE -- a department of Homeland Security) was placed on administrative leave. (Note the date -- a month ago). Even as I research this, I find it truly unbelievable.
Here's the AP quote that caught my attention:
A top U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement intelligence officer has been suspended amid allegations he helped a subordinate file bogus travel expense reports and took some of the cash they generated, an FBI agent testified in a Texas courtroom Wednesday.

This was the opening paragraph. I almost stopped reading there. Could it have been any more underwhelming in their reporting?
And he was placed on "administrative leave." It almost sounds like he padded his expense account and took a little cash, so they are slapping his hand and sending him home with a note.
When you finish reading this, you'll realize why I'm so upset. At a minimum this man should have been arrested and shackled.
Here's what I've been able to piece together from the various bits of reporting out there. For more than 10 years, ICE Deputy Director Woosley was the supervisor of an El Paso, Texas-based ICE intelligence analyst. The ICE analyst was (get this) a man named Ahmed Adil Abdallat.
Now, far be it from me to be suspicious merely because of his name, but dear Ahmed was formerly with the Jordanian Air Force. He also failed at least one security clearance check for lying about his background.
It seems our friend Ahmed has been sending Woosley thousands of dollars regularly to cover for his fake expense reports.
Oh, and if that weren't bad enough, the cash he's been stealing from us taxpayers, totaling millions, appears to have been funneled to Middle East terrorist organizations.
And how did this criminal mastermind move millions to Middle Eastern accounts? He used his diplomatic passport to travel. You see, unlike you and me, if you get a diplomat's travel documents, you are exempt from the molestation provided courtesy of Homeland Security.
What's the crime for treason these days? Woolsey's attorney believes he's looking at two years' jail time.
I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. All in all, it appears that the vaunted Homeland Security has been directly funding terrorism!
Where is the Abu Ghraib-style outrage from our media? Where are the liberal broadcasters pounding the desk for answers? Sadly, the media is complicit in their silence...

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